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Layham Playgroup CIO

Layham Village Hall, Church Lane, Lower Layham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 5LZ

Tel: 07999 866419

Registered charity: 1160254, Ofsted Registered,

PLA Member (Pre-school Learning Alliance)

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Upon arrival breakfast is available offering cereal and milk, if needed.

Fresh drinking water is available throughout the morning for them to access when needed

Midway through the session we offer the children refreshments of either milk or water together with a light snack of fruit, vegetables and either bread sticks or cheese. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements or food allergies your child may have.  This is a social time, where children sit together to eat their snack.  Snack time starts with a “Thank you” prayer

To help promote healthy eating we often like to make our own snack:- soups in winter, fruit salads in summer.  The children help to cut up the ingredients and follow the recipes

Lunch Club

We offer a lunch club, upon demand.  The children bring in their own healthy packed lunch and sit and eat with their friends in a social environment.  The fun then continues until 13:15.

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09:15/30 ARRIVALS –The children find their name and coat peg before settling to one of the activities on offer for that session.

Breakfast is offered once all the children are in and settled.


Drinking water is available through out the morning for the children to access.

09:45 REGISTRATION TIME – We sit in the book corner, speak about the weather, topic of the day and the resources available.  The children are also encouraged to share any news they may have.

10:00 FREE PLAY TIME – Children choose between indoor or outdoor play, which toys to play with and the activities available.

10:45 5 MINUTES TO TIDY-UP TIME – We prepare the children to finish their activities.

10:50 TIDY-UP TIME -  Children are encouraged to help tidy away the toys.

11:00 SNACK TIME – Children all have their own name mat and sit down all together.

        They have a choice of healthy snack and either milk or water to        drink, which they pour themselves from a jug, encouraging         independence and social skills.  Staff sit at the tables with the         children

11:15 OUTSIDE PLAY/QUIET INDOOR ACTIVITY – Children choose to either play outside or stay indoors and do puzzles, board games or drawing.

11:50 STORY TIME – We encourage the children to sit and listen to a story related to the theme of the day.

12:10 END OF SESSION – We reflect on the morning and then sing our farewell song.

12:15/ CHILDREN COLLECTED – Parents are encouraged to see what

12:30 their child has been doing during the session via a slide show.